A Thread In The Tapestry Of Life


It is early morning and She is at the temple. She mutters to the stranger standing by her side: We buy malligai (jasmine garland) at ten rupees per foot to see it grace the Lord and look at how these archakars (priests) throw the flowers haphazardly around the idol. Who is to tell them? This archakar doesn’t take even half the names of the Lord in the archanai (normally 108 names are recited).’

She is back home to see her husband off to work. Her husband: ‘How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my office papers. Now I can’t find them. I don’t want to you to come anywhere near these. Let them lie about wherever they are. If the house is not neat and tidy because of these papers, so be it.’


Just after the lunch-break, at the office, He is called to the Boss’s cabin. Boss still holding a phone in his hand, wires ‘on fire’: ‘HO (Head-Office) is hopping mad that only our month-end reports are not in yet. Get it out by today evening without fail. How many times do I’ve to tell you don’t ever give HO guys a chance to get on our back?’


In the evening, the Boss and his family are watching a play in a theater. The Man in the row behind mumbles audibly: ‘Why do people bring children to plays? Don’t they know all this noise is so distracting to others who have come to enjoy a quiet evening watching the play?’


At the end of the play, the Man is on a Bus heading homewards. The Bus Conductor returns the fifty rupee note to the Man: ‘You can’t give me four rupees in change for the fare? Why do you board the bus without carrying the change?’


It is midnight. The Conductor knocks and a sleepy Wife opens the door: ‘What kind of job yours is? Every day you come at this time disturbing everyone’s sleep. Can’t you work like everyone returning home at six? Or, you’ve brought home bags of money with you?’



2 Responses to A Thread In The Tapestry Of Life

  1. Subha says:

    Very nice. Perfect length. Krishnan says ‘He can imagine the story being played out in front of his eyes’.


  2. Sanjay D says:

    This is it ! A story that packs so much in just the right amount of words. And, like all great stories, it works on both planes: the sookshma (subtle) and the sthoola (gross). Most important, it has the “Hmmm” factor, you know the kind where you read and say “Hmmm, that makes sense” or “Hmmm, I wonder if I ever do something like that”.

    Looking forward to more of such insightful stuff !


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